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My Summer Girl books is not accepting review requests at this time. As of March 6, 2015 My Summer Girl Books will no longer be taking book review requests. Any review requests after March 20, 2015 will be redirected to this page. If there is a book I'd like to review, I will take it upon myself to contact those involved with the publicity efforts.

My Summer Girl Books is not accepting any spotlight, tour, promotional or other requests at this time. Anyone who still emails me with a request after 2/19/14 will be redirected to this page. If there is something I wish to be a part of, I will contact the author/publicist/representative myself.

Requirements for a Review Request:

- Have your book listed on Goodreads or another reputable place that has a description, ISBN, author information, etc. This is simply to verify your book has been or will be published and is not an unofficial draft or MS.

- Send a polite and personalized review request to I will not accept form letter requests from unsolicited sources.


-Add me to a mailing list of any kind unless I ask to be added or sign up. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU SIGN ME UP FOR AN EMAIL NEWSLETTER WITHOUT MY CONSENT I WILL TAKE MEASURES TO UNSUBSCRIBE AND REPORT YOUR ACTIONS. Your mailing account may be deleted or suspended as a result of these actions.

- Send review requests for books that obviously do not align with the blog's audience and/or taste. I review primarily young adult books, as well as a small amount of adult romance/ new adult and middle grade horror or fantasy. True crime novels, erotica, historical, biographical, etc. will not be accepted for review. 

Review Policy:

All review requests shall be responded to with  a clear affirmative or negative answer. I will try to get through any and all requests in a timely manner.

I do accept e-books for review, but prefer physical copies if they are available.

I will not post reviews on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million or any other major retailer which I have an account with. This is a personal rule in order to avoid mixing my private spending accounts with the blog.

I will post my reviews on my blog, Goodreads, Twitter, and Facebook. If there is any other place you would like me to post reviews, please ask me so that I can check out the website and give you a proper answer on what I will do.

If I have personally accepted a review request from an author through email, but will not be able to review or finish the book for any reason, I will notify the author within a timely manner.

Do not copy and paste any of my reviews anywhere on the internet. This is my content and I say where it is posted. If you are not able to respect that, I will take action against you to get the material taken down.
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