Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Island with the Power, the Power of Voodoo

Publisher: Invitation to Eden
Age: Adult
Series: Invitation to Eden #14
Source: Review Copy
Interest: Author Favorite, Ghosts, New Orleans

A year has passed since Gretchen lost her fiancé, but she still can’t sleep. Or paint. And her new home in New Orleans is either haunted or she’s finally going crazy.

Her bet is on the latter.

So when her best friend, Burke, offers to sweep her away to a private luxury island for a break, she can’t say no. Maybe if she can be someone else for a few days, the ghosts of the past will quiet. At least for a little while.

Burke knows what she’s going through. She lost her fiancé, but he lost family. He gets her in a way no else can. But lately she’s noticing things she shouldn’t about her former fiancé’s younger brother—his sexy smirk, that spicy Cajun accent, and the way he looks at her when he thinks she’s not paying attention. A week alone with him? Dangerous. If she blurs the lines between them, she could ruin the only friendship that means anything to her. She could ruin it all.

But the island of Eden has its own agenda. The island knows what you need. That’s what the invitation says. She just never imagines it will grant her the one wish that could destroy them both.

Part of the Invitation to Eden multi-author series but can be read as a standalone. (summary from

I received a copy of this Ebook from the author for review. This has in no way altered my opinions.

This was my first foray into the Invitation to Eden books. Series tagline: An Island Where Anything . . . and Everything Can Happen. I was very excited to read Roni Loren's installment because I adore her Loving on the Edge books. But I'm not quite sure if Blurring the Lines was what I expected.

Loren's characters were on point, as always. Burke was an adorably caring, hot, and amazing guy. I liked him from the second he appeared on the page. Gretchen took a little bit more to warm up to because it was difficult to see her beyond her grief. But, Burke and Gretchen worked perfectly together. I loved their little fights and challenges as well as their sweet cuddling.

I like my magic to have rules. I'm a stickler that way. So, I was a little antsy to take a journey to an island where anything can happen. A strange thing does happen. (Think the movie Overboard.) But I was willing to go along with it because I loved the fun and flirty Gretchen it produced. When a ghost looking for some action and a chance at life again came around, I was searching for those rules. Magic does not operate for free. A balance must be kept. Except, the rules were never explained. I had to make up my own conclusions based on what I knew about said ghost.

Slight issues with Eden aside, I almost wanted the novella to become a series. New Orleans is my weakness. I'm a huge fan of voodoo, hoodoo. (do what? Remind me of the babe!)* But I was too happy with the way Gretchen and Burke's story ended to go back and introduce more problems.

While Blurring the Lines was a bit stranger than I was expecting, I still fully enjoyed myself while reading it. If you're a fan of romance, New Orleans, a little bit of magic, some silliness, or just Roni Loren herself, then this book is for you. Gretchen and Burke will make you want to explore everything that goes bump in the night. Just try not to get Blurred Lines stuck in your head after reading the title. 

*You have no idea how long I spent on finding a way to work Magic Dance into this review. 

Teaser Lines: "It needs to be a whole Gretchen coming to me. One who wants to be with me despite the history and the tragedies and the ugly stuff. One who chooses me even when it hurts."

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