Friday, March 6, 2015

Putting a Stop to the Crazy Train (and Review Requests)

Since opening up My Summer Girl Books I've been lucky to recieve many requests to review books. Recently, these requests, for a number of reasons, have become too much for me to handle. And I've decided to take an extreme measure to deal with it.

As of Friday, March 6, 2015, I am no longer taking book review requests. However, if there is a book I'm interested in reviewing I will contact those involved with publicity for the book.

Announcing this feels like jumping off a bridge without a safety net. Despite my nerves, I know this is the right decision for me.

1. Just looking at my inbox or thinking of organizing a to-read list was causing me major stress. With reading and blogging being two necessary ways for me to relieve stress and have fun, this was a major no-no.

2. The books I was accepting for review, I wasn't reading. I ALWAYS felt guilty opening any book that wasn't part of my to-read list. That guilt made me avoid reading anything that I had been asked to read. Then nothing would get done and I'd feel even worse. Again, a hobby that is used for fun, should not be causing massive amounts of guilt.

3. I'm not blogging or reading like I used to. Let's face it, I have a lot less time to read or write posts. It's frustrating, because I still love both activities. But I have other obligations and tasks I have to or want to complete. If only cloning or time travel were possible.

4. The work outweighed the worth. I'm going to get really honest with you all for a moment. After four years of going through requests, I can pretty confidently say there's been one book of those hundreds if not thousands of requests, that I loved. One. There's been a handful of books I liked. All the rest I either didn't read or had to turn down. I'm a big believer that self-published and independently published books can be AWESOME. These types of books are what I'm asked to review 99% of the time. But, I feel I can seek out those books on my own, without help. (Note: I'm not bashing independents or self-pubs here. From a percentage standpoint, traditionally published books have had more hits than misses with me.)

This does not mean I'll stop writing book reviews or coveting galleys or quit blogging. It just means I'm taking a step back from a more stressful part of book blogging. I hope you all will support my decision and stick around for the awesome content to come!

Happy Reading,

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