Saturday, January 31, 2015

Challenge Check-in!

Challenge Check-in is where I update everyone on the progress I'm making with my reading goals. In 2015, I'm participating in three challenges; The Re-Read Challenge hosted by Hannah at So Obsessed With and Kelli of Belle of the Literati, A Series a Month challenge by Danielle at Love at First Page, and the Blogiesta Challenge by Lisa at Bookish Broads. I'm really excited to be showcasing these challenges and hope all of you are doing well on your reading goals.

When I First Read: October 14, 2010. Wowza! I had no idea it had been that long.

What I Remember: Yelena and Valek's chemistry. There was an evil man doing magic experiments on Yelena. Two cutie sidekicks. Poisonings. And the Commander's big secret.

Why I Wanted to Re-Read: The details of the book were beginning to get really foggy. I had liked it a lot when I read it before, even though Touch of Power was way to similar to Poison Study. Plus I wanted to tackle finishing the trilogy so it could count as a reread and a series challenge.

How I Felt After Re-Reading: Good, the book held up really well. I had forgotten just enough of the book to make a few of the surprises feel new again. I'm looking forward to reading the next book, but because Poison Study's story felt really well wrapped up, I wasn't clamoring for the sequel.

Would I Re-Read Again: Yes, but I'll probably wait another four or five years to forget most of it again.

Technically Wild Seasons just barely scrapes by onto the series list. According to Love at First page,  the series must have at least two books released before 2015 to count. Dirty Rowdy Thing squeaked by with a November 2014 release. This series hadn't originally been on my potential reading list, but I'd asked for and received the first two books for Christmas from a friend. Sweet Filthy Boy ended up being my first read of 2015. Naturally I became obsessed and was dying until I read Dirty Rowdy Thing. Now I'm super excited for Lola and Oliver's story in Dark Wild Night. (Booo! it doesn't come out until September!)

No progress on the Bloggiesta front. I was going to hold my own read-a-thon on National Read-a-thon day, but it didn't work out. Since signing up for the challenge though, I've been thinking about which books I'd like to marathon on random weekends. So, the challenge has at least succeeded in getting me to think more about marathon reading.

Let me know in the comments how your reading challenges 
are going!

Happy Reading!

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