Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Belated Celebration

Hello all! Enjoy a Victorian Sponge Cake Anniversary Pony.

Pony Cupcake Lineart by, coloring by me.

My Summer Girl Books was established January 1, 2011. That means my blog is now four years old. You cannot imagine the feeling of surreal-ness I got from typing those words. If my blog were an actual kid it would be talking in sentences and beginning Pre-K this fall. Crazy!

This has been a terribly wonderful journey. Blogging is such a solitary endeavor. Creating content, writing, making graphics, reading, I do it all alone. It can be very hard to keep up motivation (as you've seen from my frequent unplanned hiatuses.) I want to let you all know I appreciate every single person who tweeted, commented, liked, made any sort of effort of communication about my blog. It reaffirms that I'm not alone, have readers who like what I do, and makes me feel great. Basically, you all make this entire process worthwhile. Thank you for letting me do what I love.

I've gotten a few great opportunities from this blog. Being able to interact with authors and other readers is the best part. Every single blog-reader and commenter matters to me. No matter how hard it was to make content, it was always worth it to see just one person tell me they liked it. Again, you all rock.

My Summer Girl Books may be getting up there in years, but is by no means becoming set in its' ways. This year I'm looking to provide a little more diverse content. I'm not sure how that will play out on here yet. Still, you can look forward to a few new things hitting the blog -- hopefully soon. When you've been blogging for four years you have to find ways to keep it interesting. Do you know how hard it is to only talk about books on here all the time? Very! Good thing I kind of love it and definitely love all of you.

Happy Reading,

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