Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Five

First, this isn't really a part of the five, but thanks awesome author Cora Carmack for telling me how to put .gifs in posts!

1) My family has a tiny new member! One of my cousins just delivered her first child, a 7lb, 2oz., healthy baby girl. The baby is absolutely precious and I'm so excited to meet her someday. Way to go cousin! (No, I'm not having an inner panic attack about the fact my cousin is only one year younger than me and already a mom.)

2) I joined a FANTASTIC book blogging social network called Book Blogging. Jamie from the Perpetual Page Turner was the one to mention it in this post on her blog and I checked it out. It was created by Ashley from Nose Graze. The site is super awesome! I look forward to getting advice from fellow bloggers and watching the site grow. If you're a book blogger I highly recommend signing up for this amazing website.

3) I got to see Frozen last week and OMG it was fantastic! I am totally judging you if you don't go see it this holiday season. The animation was spectacular, the songs phenomenal (Yay Idina Menzel!), and the characters were all fabulous. Marshmallow, Elsa and Anna were my favorite characters. I will give 2 non-spoilery pointers for the movie. Stay after the credits for a treat. And, When Anna is singing the song "For the First Time in Forever" and leaves the castle, look in the bottom left corner. There may be a certain brunette princess and her (former thief) husband walking into the palace. ;-)

4) This week I've tried a new way to keep track of my time. Each day I open up my Excel sheet which has the date, a column of to do list items and a column of what I've done. It helps to feel like I've accomplished things, even though they weren't necessarily what I was supposed to do that day. Too early to tell if it's making any difference in how I structure my day or use my time, but I'm hopeful.

5) I've recently become a tiny bit obsessed with Reign, the drama period piece about Mary Queen of Scots. The clothing drives me more than a little bit nuts since it's basically modern day couture being forced to look like something wearable in the past. Most of the time it doesn't work. But, the outfits are still beautiful. The actors are just as lovely to look at. The music is great. I kind of try to ignore the plot if I can. Not because I have anything against the show, but because there's usually too much drama going on. Francis or Bash, who to choose? Will Mary figure out the plot against her? What new b**chy thing is Queen Catherine going to think up to do next? Sometimes It's just more fun to ignore it. (Also Greer and Leith are such cuties!)

Happy Reading,

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  1. Idina Menzel is in Frozen?? I mean I was already going to watch it, but YES SO MUCH YES!!

    And also what I just said to Reign hahaha. I can't stop watching it, it's so freaking addicting! And everyone is so pretty and I cant stop staring at their faces (also Bash. Totally Bash. Partially biased because I loved the actor in Endgame, but still. Definitely Bash. Not that it'll really happen boooooo). I watched the first episode and I was's cw I guess I can't expect much (ANY) historical accuracy...and if it weren't for the soundtrack (which is AMAZING! London Grammar is my new obsession. Wasting My Young Years? Beautiful. Absolutely stunning) I probably wouldn't have continued watching, but now that I've thrown away any standards about the history I'm super absorbed!


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