Thursday, November 7, 2013

First 100 Pages of The Unbound by Victoria Schwab is Free to Read!

Hyperion released the first 100 pages of The Unbound (The Archived #2), in all their Wesley glory, on Netgalley! If you have a Netgalley account already, just go to the book's page and hit read now. For those without a Netgalley account, signing up is fast and easy. You'll have The Unbound on your favorite e-reader in no time. 

To celebrate this awesome achievement and the fact that The Unbound is only a few months away, Victoria Schwab is hosting three, yes three, contests. For these contests, one on Twitter, one for Facebook and one for Tumblr. One winner will be picked from each website. 

The prize is a widget. This widget will take you to a complete digital e-arc of The Unbound. You can read the book, in its entirety, before anyone else in the world. (V, her critique partners, and editor excluded.) There are NO physical arcs of The Unbound. The only way to win an advanced copy is to enter these contests. 

On Twitter, tweet about the first 100 pages of The Unbound on Netgalley using #TheUnbound. V has her own tweet you can RT, or you can make your own. Either way, it must include #TheUnbound to be counted as a valid entry. 

For Facebook, Like the Victoria "V.E." Schwab Facebook page. Make a post about the first 100 pages of The Unbound being on Netgalley and tag V's author page in the post. Please mention the giveaway as well so others can enter too. 

On Tumblr reblog This Post. That's all you have to do!

These contests go from right this very second on November 7th, to November 10th at 10pm EST. 

Now go my lovelies and spread the word! Make Guyliner and Mackenzie proud! (You're also helping V achieve world domination, but don't worry. She's a benevolent dictator who force feeds people tea, cookies and Supernatural.)

Happy Reading,
Keeper Dulcy

*Small Disclaimer* The Unbound's first 100 pages is a read now file on Netgalley. Anyone is allowed to download it. This isn't the case with a majority of Netgalley's other e-arcs or previews. They tend to prefer "professional readers" like librarians, booksellers, book reviewers, bloggers ( have blogged at least 6 months to a year or more), etc. They generally want people who have the potential to talk about the book on a public forum. 

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