Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Five

1. Where did my week go? I swear yesterday was Sunday night and I was dreading the start of the school week. I'm having fun being busy. Yet I keep feeling like I'm missing everything. (This is re-enforced by my Facebook deciding it never wants to work again.) How can adults handle this? I'm losing my mind!

2. So, it may not be totally newsworthy, but I cleaned my house! These days it's rare for me summon the time and the will to clean up. Today I decided to do something about the scary piles of laundry and papers forming. I was two dirty shirts and a notebook away from creating a sentient being. Now, my room is mostly spotless and the house is in better shape than it was before. I call it a success!

3. Wednesday, I turned 22. If you start singing Taylor Swift, I will walk away from this blog post. I had an awesome day (aside from my email being hacked.) One of my friends bought me sushi for lunch which was incredible levels of delicious! I had dinner with another group of friends, went shopping and got to hang out. Playing with Barbies and reading a story so ridiculous we probably busted vital organs from laughing, may have been involved.

4. Shhh. There is no number 4.

5. If you've been anywhere near my Twitter feed lately, you know about my Sleepy Hollow AKA Sassy Hollow obsession. It is freaking amazing! Ichabod, Abbie and Jenny are fantastic. If you love sarcasm, supernatural beings and kickass ladies, this show is for you. Sticklers for historical accuracy may want to... suspend disbelief while watching.

Happy Reading,

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  1. Oh my god I literally just started watching Sleepy Hollow...and I am SO FREAKING OBSESSED! I'm actually typing up a post about all the reasons it is such an awesome show haha


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