Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Five

1. The only way to describe my week is using the word roller coaster. Man, it's been crazy! I've had so many fantastic opportunities come my way. I'm thankful for every single one. I wish I could talk about all of them. One event this week had me sobbing in my kitchen from total happiness. But, I believe in keeping things (which involve people other than me) kept private. Just know that I am busy, happy and completely blessed.

2. I began my first internship this week and I'm very excited about it. I feel like I'll be able to do good work there. Everyone has been nice to me, asking me which areas of interest I prefer and giving me assignments which play to my strengths. I'm nervous every moment of work, because I'm terrified of doing something wrong. In those instances I choose to quote one professor, who quoted Somerset Maugham, in one of my classes. "Only a mediocre person is always at his best." If I end up making a mistake, I at least hope it was for trying something new, creative and totally out of my comfort zone.

3. NaNoWriMo is coming folks! Not only have I signed up to be in this psychotic 50,000 word challenge, but I've been accepted as a moderator in Susan Dennard's NaNoWriMo Boot Camp! Cue the jumping in joy and screaming terror. I'll be a part of the outlining forum, making sure people stay nice and on topic. Look for me there, cheering and lamenting with everyone else, over the next couple of months. I don't know if I can advertise the forum quite yet, since we're still getting it up and running. Once I'm sure we can talk about it, I'll provide a link in another post.

4. How can turning 22 be so stressful? I have two events planned for my birthday. Yes, two, because two very different groups of friends will be attending. There's the big exciting bash involving put-put golf, Tilted Kilt and some drinks. Then, I have a laid back plan of going to dinner with friends and watching a movie at their house. All the planning is kind of driving me insane. But, it will all be worth it as long as everyone has fun!

5. If you haven't guessed from my prior statements already, I'm a bit pressed for time, free or otherwise. This is sad because I barely get to read anything anymore. I haven't read a book in weeks. Want to join with me in a chorus of Pa-The-Tic? In spite of this, I'm excited for all the new opportunities coming my way. The word for the rest of this year seems to be balance, learning how to achieve and maintain it. We'll have to see how it goes!

P.S. Even though I haven't read in a little while, I still have lots of books I need to review! Look for those in the coming weeks.

Happy Reading,


  1. Ahhh you have so many awesome things going on! Congrats!

    1. Thank you! It's challenging, but I'm excited. :)


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