Thursday, September 26, 2013

Summer Spotlight: Legends of Leone: The Crystal Ordeal by M. G. Dekle

Welcome to Summer Spotlight! Lately I've gotten a number of requests through email from authors to read their books. While I'm always happy to receive those emails, it isn't very often I get to accept the books for review. Hence, I've created Summer Spotlight. If there's a book or author I feel deserves more attention than I'm currently able to give them/it, I'll post it. This is to promote the books and authors and gather opinions from readers. I hope we can all have fun and enjoy this new (intermittent) feature!

Meet the third book in our Summer Spotlight Series, The Crystal Ordeal by M. G. Dekle

At a young age, Leone Verrat learned that her ability to cast simple magical enchantments was limited by a peculiar handicap. Unlike other sorcerers, her spells would not permanently consume the components necessary for magic, resulting in much weaker and shorter effects but returning the ingredients unscathed. Even though she earned barely passable grades in order to graduate from Blueroot Academy, a school specializing in magical studies, an unknown benefactor still saw fit to recommend her for Morgan's Ordeal, a test necessary for any respectable career. 

She is soon inextricably linked to her theatrical Ordeal partner, Falchion, as they must brave the dangers of the test together. They both quickly discover that the Ordeal is the least of their concerns when they find themselves in the middle of an ancient power struggle.

The Crystal Ordeal follows Leone from her graduation day through a catastrophic magical mishap and its immediate consequences.

Magic! Intrigue! Possibly romance? I wish I could have accepted this request. I'm such a sucker for fantasy novels. The names are so interesting. I'm certain I would have butchered the poor things with my mental pronunciation. I wonder what side effects there are to the bonding and why they're required to be partners for Morgan's Ordeal? Oh! When I have time, I want it! Have any of you had the opportunity to read The Crystal Ordeal? Let me know what you thought! Yay or nay?

Having trouble making up your mind? Read an excerpt from The Crystal Ordeal from M.G. Dekle's blog!

M.G. Dekle has decided to give away THREE FREE e-copies of The Crystal Ordeal! Enter using the Rafflecopter form below. The contest ends at 11:59pm on October 11th, enter soon!

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Or, you can choose to buy a copy of Legends of Leone: The Crystal Ordeal from Amazon! Click here to buy!

If you'd like to learn more about M.G. Dekle, click the links below!

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