Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Five

1) This week has been utterly incredible on many levels for me. I've been offered an internship by local company. No names or other information will ever be revealed on the blog. I feel strongly about keeping places where I work private. I'm excited to begin doing work for them because it seems like such a fun environment!

2) I was also offered a position on my school's Student Philanthropy Council! We've been tasked with encouraging students to begin a tradition of giving back within our university which we hope they will continue life long. While money, from the change in someone's pocket to funding a new building, is always appreciated. I would also like us to promote giving back in terms of time, with volunteering, or help in the form of tutoring. I'm ecstatic to meet my other council members and begin planning what the SPC will be!

3) Sunday I'll be participating in the Color Run! I'm already super excited. How could I not be after seeing a dancing unicorn in jogging clothes at a sports store? While I'm always nervous about running alone, there are many people I know who also decided to join. I'll be "alone," but not.

4) Next week will be insanely busy for me. I'm trying to get the majority of my work done now. I've cleaned, done homework, set up posts for the blog, and read two books already. It's tough, but I love the relaxed feeling I get after putting in a bunch of hard work!

5) Speaking of hard work... This week I'm determined to kick-butt on my sticker challenge! I've fallen behind the last week because of sickness, work and downright laziness. The butterfly running stickers have been doing better than the writing stars, but I still feel like I need to do more. We'll have to see how that goes!

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