Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Five

1) I have a secret. I am OBSESSED with webisodes about Mattel toys. It's a sickness! I watched season 1 of Barbie: Life in the Dream House in one night earlier in the year. I watched the website for new episodes each week. After realizing Barbie had made a new season after a very long hiatus, I watched all 20 new episodes this afternoon. Then I looked up Ever After High and lost an hour or so watching all 10 of those episodes... I'm seriously considering watching Monster High next. WHY MUST MATTEL TOYS BE SO CUTE AND HAVE SUCH NICELY ANIMATED EPISODES? I'm getting addicted!

2) One of my friends and I went to Steak n' Shake to try their new fall milkshakes. Oh. My. Goodness. Both of them were amazing! I got the Campfire S'mores and she got the Caramel Apple. Both were delicious with about an inch thick of fudge and caramel in them respectively. The caramel apple shake tasted like real apples, none of that nasty super-artificial-lab-made apple taste. I would highly recommend getting one. Especially if you also live in Florida and understand that these shakes will be the only cool taste of fall we'll be getting for a while.

3) Oy. I've been trying to become more organized. It's been a... process. I will be the first to admit that cleaning my room every weekend and doing laundry blows big time. However, I feel so nice and ready to start the week afterwards that I'm trying to keep up the habit. I'm also doing my homework early for once instead of procrastinating until the last second. The only area which still needs major improvement is my reading schedule. I have to make myself stick to it and read all those books I requested to review. Oh. And email might be a bit backed up at the moment too. If you're waiting on an email from me, it will be tonight or tomorrow I swear!

4) Victoria Schwab recently made a video explaining her sticker system. You can view it here. I've started doing the sticker system as well. Do the stickers and Mattel obsession make it obvious that I'm mentally stuck at five years old? No? Good. The system has worked really well for me so far. I earn a star for each 1,000 words I write. I get a butterfly for every time I run. I've already got 2 workouts and 2,007 words under my belt this week from the stickers. I'm telling you, try it. It might work.

5) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm so excited. This is totally going to be the nail in the coffin of all my adult maturity, but I'm going to see Disney on Ice: Princesses and Heroes on Sunday! My friend got us tickets and I am bouncing off the walls in anticipation. In the past two Disney on Ice performances I've attended, they've only focused on three princesses each time. This one has almost all of them in it, including my absolute favorite princess, Belle! (I bet you totally didn't see that coming, did you?)

As a bonus, I'm also going to mention The Color Run which is happening the 22nd of September! I will be running in the happiest 5k on the planet and can't wait!

I hope all of you have a lovely next week full of fun!

Happy Reading,

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