Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Five

1) Something super awesome happened today. Unfortunately super awesome thing must stay super secret at the moment. I will let you all know if anything comes of it. For now, keep your fingers crossed for me please!

You KNOW my tanktop is the best ever, right? Also, SUNBURN.

2) Last weekend I got to go to Hollywood Studios! My best friend was awesome and surprised me with a day trip with her cousins. I rode tower of terror (for the first time!) and rockin' roller coaster. We saw a few of the shows and a Monsters University parade. It was a fantastic day! The only bad point was realizing I got the WORST SUNBURN EVER. Note to self: when going to a theme park it's better to look like a sunscreen ghost than an over-cooked lobster.

3) I have only two more days until I'm back at school and working my booty off. I'm looking forward to the new school year. I feel confident in my ability to handle whatever changes come my way. Except perhaps student parking.That's a nightmare no matter how you slice it. I was on campus this morning and realized I missed being at school. I've only set foot on campus possibly twice since spring semester ended. I'm sure I'll get over all my mushy feelings as soon as I have to dodge maniac bicycle riders on the sidewalk again.

4) Since completing all of my most pressing reviews, I've allowed myself a book vacation! As a blogger, I'm used to reading a lot. And while I LOVE that, most of the books aren't ones I've decided to read.* Meaning, I have a reading schedule with 20 books on it at any given time which need to be read and reviewed by certain dates. It's a rare occasion when I can just pick a book from my shelves and begin reading. However, this week, I am review free! Therefore I'm going to spend all my time rereading the Throne of glass novellas, book and extra scenes in preparation for Crown of Midnight (August 30th! EEEEEEK!)

*These are books I've requested from NetGalley or Edelweiss or have been offered to me by authors. Therefore I have chosen them to read. I usually don't get to choose when I can read them.

5) There's not any other real news going on in my life. At least none I feel is important enough to share on here. Therefore I will conclude by telling all of you to have a wonderful day full of love and kindness!

Happy Reading,

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