Saturday, July 13, 2013

Follow MSGB using bloglovin' or feedly

Since Google Reader has expired, many people (myself included) are looking for alternative ways to track our favorite feeds. This is a post explaining 5 alternatives I've found which can be used to keep track of My Summer Girl Books.

To Follow Blogs in General

The easiest way to find MSGB on any of these 3 sites is to search for the blog's url,


Feedly is the feed reader I've chosen to adopt for the moment. It is extremely user friendly. The style is similar to Google Reader and allows posts to be viewed in a variety of ways. You can create categories for your feeds to more easily keep track of what bloggers/which information you're getting. The only downside is it's a bit difficult to see which blogs or writers the posts come from. I think it isn't able to display html codes, such as a rafflecopter widget or document preview. You would need to click on the post and go to the blog to see it. I'm not sure though, please check.


Many of the bloggers I follow have decided to move to Bloglovin'. I also tried out the site (not thoroughly) and wasn't too impressed. The home page showed previews of posts which could be clicked on to read the rest. I prefer to have whole posts on my feed so that I can scroll through information and photos quickly. Please note the posts/excerpts are only faded because I marked them all as read.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin


This was another option I tried before settling on Feedly. The major downsides to FeedDemon for me were needing to download and access a program outside of the internet. However, the posts were set up to be viewed on a full screen. I had to click on the name of the blog in the program in order to see any new posts.

To Follow My Summer Girl Books Specifically


My Summer Girl Books has a Facebook page! The page is set up to display any posts made to the blog. It's as easy as logging in to Facebook to get the latest update. Searching for My Summer Girl Books under Pages should get you to the blog's page without a problem.

Email Subscription: 

On the blog, in the sidebar, there's an option to follow My Summer Girl Books. This system is set up to send you an email any time a new post goes up. (I will not have access to your email. This will be done through the Blogger platform.)

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