Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Five (2)

1. I'm now officially registered to participate in the Disney Princess Half Marathon in 2014! (That sound you hear in the background is my wallet crying.) Even registering for this half marathon was incredibly scary to me. It feels really... REAL now. I have to do it. That simultaneously excites me and makes me want to puke. On the bright side, whenever If ever I feel like skipping a practice or quitting, I'll remember the sobbing of my wallet and force myself to train.

2. In less happy news, my family is going through a bit of a tough time at the moment. A family member is in the hospital and we're very worried about them. It doesn't seem like anything majorly serious yet, but we're still waiting on more test results. Because of this, I've been stressed out of my mind and needing to help around the house above and beyond what I normally do. Please send happy prayers and thoughts to my family member in the hospital. It would be much appreciated.

3. My body is incredibly sore today. Not only did I train for my half marathon, but I helped a friend clean out her house for relatives who are coming from the United Kingdom this summer. I've met one of them before and I'm very excited to see him again. He has a very interesting accent, part of it is proper UK English and the other half is mixed with Gujarati (a deep, guttural sounding Indian language). It can be fun to listen to him speak. Everyone is looking forward to his visit.

4. French class began this week. Mon dieu! A year's worth of material crammed into a tiny six week period is more than a bit intimidating. I'm doing my best to keep up with all of the work, but I'm worried about juggling it with my other three classes that begin the 24th. If you don't hear from me until the middle of August, my school work will be the culprit.

5. So far, my "keep positive" mantra is working. I'm choosing to focus on all the good things in my life and refusing to hold onto anger. It has sort of revolutionized the way I live my life. I'm a lot less down and much less tired from giving all of my emotional energy to pointless things.

Bonus tidbit: I am beyond thankful for the love and support of my friends and family which are getting me through this hectic time. I love you all more than words.

Happy Reading,


  1. I really like this Friday five - it's nice to get to know the bloggers! I might start doing this, it's really a great idea.

    I've never done any sort of marathon - good luck! I'm sure you'll feel powerful when it's done and over and you can say you've done it. I hiked the Inca Trail this summer (the 4 day hike) and while I might not have done it had I known how crazy hard it was going to be, it was TOTALLY worth it.

    I'll be keeping you and your family in my thoughts. I know how much that sort of stress can wear everyone down, so chin up!

    1. Thank you! Please do one, it's nice to get a little update on people's lives outside of blogging. It starts to feel like your just a reading and reviewing machine after a while.

      Neither have I, I'm a bit worried, but still pumped for the challenge. Woah! A four day hike? That's amazing! I think you're awesome for doing it, no matter how crazy hard it was. I'd like to do a hike sometime in the future.

      Thank you so much for your kind thoughts for my family and the comment. You were extremely sweet to do both. Your comment brightened my day so much. Thanks again!



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