Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Five (1)

1. Oh my! I've become a Friday Fiver. I decided to add this... meme? feature? update? to my blog because I wanted a way to keep my readers involved in my life, without slamming them with personal posts all the time. (I already feel like I do it too often.) The Friday Five won me over because it is designed to be concise. However, it also allows for elaboration on the important points if wanted or needed. Please excuse my elevated and haughty language. I've been reading chapters from textbooks again. Not that there's anything wrong with elevated language in normal conversation. I simply prefer to be more casual on the blog.

2. This week, I've begun a magical journey! I am in training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. 13.1 miles of magic in Disney's Epcot in February 2014, I'm excited! This week's training has gone well, so far. Tomorrow is my first "long run" at 2 miles. I'm nervous about it since it will be the longest distance I've ever run. Yet, totally pumped to keep doing my best for this challenge. Must keep thinking of that sparkling tiara medal I get if I complete the marathon!

3. The Broke and the Bookish blog announced a HUGE ebook sale for Kindle and Nook books! Click this link to be directed to their website where you can see the sale! I snagged a few titles for myself, Going Vintage by Lindsey Leavitt, Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson and Stealing Parker by Miranda Kenneally! I would HIGHLY recommend getting Something Like Normal by Trish Doller as well. That book was amazing. Also, Mind Games by Kiersten White is 1.99 on all e-book platforms right now! Get that too, from any retailer!

4. My dad and I went to see Man of Steel at the movies today, which was a nice hang out together. The movie was fantastic in an eye-candy sense with pretty actors, cool special effects and lots of camera filters. However, it had more than a few issues with pacing and dialogue. I'm not sure I know what I wish there had been more of... character development perhaps? Possibly a little less focus on Krypton? I'm not sure. But, Henry Cavill totally rocked it as Superman. I was happy Amy Adams was able to portray Lois Lane fairly accurately. Lois is a natural HBIC and it can be difficult to get that aggression across without everyone in the theater beginning to hate you. Adams did well. Overall, not my favorite super hero film, but I would be more than happy to see Cavill return for a Justice League movie! (Christian Bale as Batman and Ryan Reynolds as The Green Lantern, need not apply.)

5. I'm changing my life. Okay, so a Friday Five is totally not the appropriate place to transcribe how I'm changing everything around me. Still, I feel like I can condense it small enough to fit here. I've decided to think more positively and trust myself with the power to change my life. I'm not as concerned with looking like an idiot anymore. If I'm confused, I'm telling someone and getting clarification. I'm being more honest with my friends, telling them when I'm proud of them and when something they've done has bothered me. I'm more social, more active in every aspect and I love it. Maybe this can't go on forever, but I'm certainly going to make the most of this "new me" as I can.

Happy Reading,

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