Monday, November 5, 2012

Going dark for November

I'm sorry to say it everyone but November is looking just a bit too busy to work on the blog. Unfortunately, this isn't a sudden decision. I've been wrestling with shutting down the blog for a month or two for a couple of weeks. November has simply brought on the full realization that I have no time to devote to the blog this month. It's unfair of me to pretend like I'm going to update any day when I simply do not have the ability. 

The reasons why the blog is going dark:


I have finally started exercising my writing muscles! Wow, is it way harder than I realized. I need to devote a substantial amount of time and creative energy to my project for it to work. I hope all of my fellow NaNoers are doing well and keep writing!

My Internship

I got an internship recently and while the work is very fun, it is time consuming  I'm already a bit behind and feel absolutely horrible about it. I need to begin reading like my life depends on it.

YALLFest 2012!

My mom and I are getting up super early on Friday morning to drive to South Carolina to see a huge number of awesome authors!


Midterms and final projects are kicking my butt! Study, study and study is the only thing for me to do. Just today, I needed to read 79 pages of textbooks and other assignments. 79 pages! That's almost half a book I could have read!


Alright, even superwomen like me need their shut eye every week or so. Unfortunately, I have a new medication which is making me sleep much more than normal. I've slept for 18 hours in one day. This is extremely weird for me. I'm adjusting to my "new normal" until I can ask my doctor for a medicine change.

A note about the contest: I will be announcing the winner and sending out the package BEFORE the blog goes dark. 
Happy Reading,

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