Thursday, August 9, 2012

Keeping it Personal

Call it narcissism or good old fashion "shouting to the void" but I like to share a bit of personal information on my blog occasionally, even though it's book focused. I figure it's my blog and I can do what I want.

These past month has been crazy for me. Last week, I was extremely sick with a sinus infection/borderline bronchitis/general nastiness that laid me low for days. I would cough until I couldn't breathe then get a headache the size of Texas. To say it was bad would be an understatement. I must have made at least 3 different posts explaining where I was to all of you, but ended up deleting them all when the fever went away. 

This week, I conquered my absolute terror over driving. Seriously, a 20 year old that can't drive herself anywhere? It's a little bit embarrassing for me, since I'm generally capable in all other aspects of my life. Driving was the one thing that I had absolutely zero confidence in myself to do correctly. This week, although I was shaking the entire time and mumbled about five apologies too many, I passed my driving test! I am now an official FL driver and I couldn't be prouder of myself. (Yes, I've been crowing like Peter Pan all morning.)

Next week I will be hitting the road, making my way to Alabama to see relatives. Posting will be pretty non-existent, but I'm trying to set up a few scheduled posts for all of you.

The day after I return from vacation, I start my new University! I'm so excited about classes and being able to drive myself there. It feels like my whole life is opening up all of a sudden. It's overwhelming and scary, in a good way. Change can be good sometimes, if you've been stuck in a rut like me. 

Speaking of ruts, don't think I haven't noticed the one occurring on the blog. Posting has been sparse to say the least, but I am determined to renew my commitment to blogging. Starting August 20th I am holding myself accountable for 1 post on the blog per day. That means there will be much more content and hopefully much more enthusiasm around here. I hope you all are excited for the new changes that will be coming!

Happy Reading,

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