Thursday, July 26, 2012

So I Started Reading... Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard

So I Started Reading... is a new meme created by the fabulous Taschima Cullen over at Bloody Book-a-holic. Basically this meme is a way for me to let all of you know what books I'm reading, and what my initial thoughts are about them even if I don't end up posting a review. This week's book is...

"Biddable? Biddable?" Somehow my pitch was even screechier than before. I kicked my bottom high and dipped my chest low- a perfect display of the Grecian bend. "If it's a camel you wish to have, sir, then you are on the wrong continent!"

Zombies, proper ladies of society and steampunky pseudo-science should all make for one of the best books I've read in a long time. While SS&D is pretty darn amazing, it's missing something I can't explain. Ah, wait! I have it! It's the Scooby Doo factor! There's enough zombies, science, mystery and fiery attitudes to content me, but Eleanor hasn't gotten her super secret initiation into the spirit hunter gang yet. I'm missing the (probably imminent) bond of friendship between the characters. Separate, they're awesome, but together they'll be too kick ass to handle. That is what I am waiting for that is what I want.

Eleanor's a regular vintage spitfire. Daniel has the best chemistry with Eleanor, they could fight for maybe 20 pages straight and I would still read it. Joseph is so suave, so debonair, so lovely. Which naturally means that I want to corrupt him and learn his darkest secrets. Jie is spectacular! At first I wasn't on board with her partially shaved head, but now that I know why, I can dig it. Can't wait to meet Elijah and all the other characters!

Happy Reading,

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