Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So I Started Reading... Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein

So I Started Reading... is a new meme created by the fabulous Taschima Cullen over at Bloody Book-a-holic. Basically this meme is a way for me to let all of you know what books I'm reading, and what my initial thoughts are about them even if I don't end up posting a review. On today's reading list is...


I'm not exactly sure what to say about Code Name Verity yet. I'm about 34 pages in, and I'm only seeing one big history lesson laid out in front of me. (Which is never a bad thing, learning about WWII is rather interesting.) I don't feel very much for the heroine yet. To be honest, I can't even remember her name. However, the wee Scottish lassie has an astounding amount of voice, spirit and sarcasm which I totally appreciate. The only really difficult thing for me, is as she's writing the "confession" she's crying and being tortured. I guess because she's telling me she's being tortured and is crying instead of showing me, I just don't believe her.

Also, there is a scary amount of detail in there about her friend Maggie. I mean, I tell my friends things and they tell me, but the girl is basically telling Maggie's entire life story as if she is Maggie. (Which, I totally think that Maggie is actually the Scottish lass and the real spy was killed when their plane went down. However I could be embarrassingly wrong about that.) From the reviews I've read, they have a Beaches-like friendship and I'm supposed to be crying by the end of this book, but so far I've got the barest flicker of emotion for it.

Must keep reading to find out. Seriously though, this is a decent sized book (343 pages) so if I don't get emotionally invested soon, I might have to quit.

Also, a bit of irony for you. I keep reading Code Name Verity in a British accent in my head, so whenever the lass screams on the pages that she's Scottish NOT English, I try out my best brogue. Apparently, even in my head I am awful at accents, so I end up laughing and then go back to the English accent until she yells about being Scottish again. It's a vicious but amusing cycle.

Happy Reading,

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