Friday, July 27, 2012

Fan Art Finds (4)

Welcome to Fan art Finds! Art is a subject I am extremely passionate about, even though I have absolutely zero talent in creating it. I can't even explain the rush of seeing an awesome book translated into a spectacular piece of art. In the spirit of sharing that amazing feeling, I've decided to showcase a new piece of awesome fan art I've found each week. This week we're stepping into the futuristic world of the Godspeed from Across the Universe by Beth Revis.

Godspeed Movie Poster by AnaB
See original peice here
Look at AnaB's gallery here

I LOVE this movie poster for Across the Universe (titled Godspeed by the artist). The actors are relatively unknown, or at least unknown to me, which is great because I'll be less likely to have pre-conceived notions about how they'll perform. (Come on guys, how many of you judged Kirsten Stewart on her ability to act in anything, based on Twilight.) I adore the whole composition of the poster, the super futuristic glowy effects and even the tagline "Discover the secret of the stars." The only thing I wish was different, would be the models looking directly at the "audience" and more futuristic clothing. However, I know it can be hard to get just the right stock images sometimes.

I also want to point out the re-titling of the movie to Godspeed. Many fans might be upset by calling it that instead of AtU until they remember the popular The Beatles music based movie of the same name. It's too confusing to have two AtUs so, the next best title for the book to movie is Godspeed, the ship where all the action happens. Bravo on the brilliant re-titling AnaB!

This is yet another book I haven't read. (I did get over 100 pages before something else caught my eye.) I am so mad at myself for it. It's so good and I wish I had continued. Yet another thing for me to get working on. Those who have read the novel though, what do you think of this poster? That ship does look exactly like the Godspeed layout, and the hair, Amy's beautiful sunset hair. I am in love. And if you haven't read the books, comment anyway (then go buy the book)!

Happy Reading,

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