Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fan Art Finds (3)

Welcome to Fan art Finds! Art is a subject I am extremely passionate about, even though I have absolutely zero talent in creating it. I can't even explain the rush of seeing an awesome book translated into a spectacular piece of art. In the spirit of sharing that amazing feeling, I've decided to showcase a new piece of awesome fan art I've found each week. I've got a magical piece for you this time!

Night Circus Characters by Holly Deirde
Original piece can be seen here
Browse her gallery here

Holly Deirde did this wonderful piece for The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I love character designs! I have no clue why, it's just fun to see how other people imagined the characters, how different or similar it is from my head. Tsukiko is perfection, I love all of her tattoos and the scandalous corset. Prospero looks amazing too, but I used to imagine him plumper and umm, well drunker. Celia, the lovely Celia. I would have liked to see her in her Night Circus performing outfit instead, but I do like the green. The dress is good because with how many time jumps The Night Circus has, I couldn't clearly see in my head what her dress would look like. It's a great example of Celia performing and practicing. I so wish I could have seen more The Night Circus characters from this artist. Also, THE HAIR. I love all the hair in these pictures.

Hey! It's a book I've actually read that I'm posting fan art of. (Hey, I also read The Lightning Thief after posting the Percabeth fan art.) What do you think of this fan art? Does it make you want to read the book? Is it more or less accurate than what you imagined for these characters? Let me know in the comments!

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