Friday, June 29, 2012

Fanart Finds! (2)

Welcome to Fan art Finds! Art is a subject I am extremely passionate about, even though I have absolutely zero talent in creating it. I can't even explain the rush of seeing an awesome book translated into a spectacular piece of art. In the spirit of sharing that amazing feeling, I've decided to showcase a new piece of awesome fan art I've found each week. This time, I've found a tender moment between two kick-butt teenagers.

A Place to Rest by Spirit-of-the-Oasis
Check out her gallery here.
The original piece can be found here.

I adore this picture by Spirit-of-the-Oasis! In Tumblr speak, it makes me have ALL THE FEELINGS. I don't. It's just so cute! Annabeth and Percy are working late into the night on a project at Camp Halfblood. She's resting her hand on his head. (I don't know, I've just always thought that they were a very... touchy couple, not total public displays, but little sweet touches.) Percy is drooling! A great hero and champion drools in his sleep on a desk in front of his girlfriend. It cannot get any better than this. It's a very tender moment. Sometimes you just have to take a break from campers, gods, goddesses, evil monsters and go easy on yourself for a while. (Also, the silver streaks in Percy and Annabeth's hair are correct, something happens in Son of Neptune and is explained in The Mark of Athena.)

Okay, so more confessions! I haven't read the Percy Jackson books... yet. However because of everyone's fanart for the series (*cough* BURDGE and Jens-and-Mikkel *cough*) and my love off mythology I know I need to read it soon. Plus the series isn't so long, only five books if you don't count the heroes of Olympus series which Percy and Annabeth are also in as side characters.

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