Sunday, May 27, 2012

I think my brain exploded

Have you ever had two sections of your life that you were sure would never come in contact with one another? I mean, let's be real, everyone compartmentalizes certain people and experiences so as to deal with them in the proper manner. Basically, you wouldn't treat your grandmother the same way you would your best friend. (Though I could be wrong, it is totally awesome for your grandmother to be your best friend.) This is weird in the same way it's odd to think of your grandmother and your best friend to be hanging out without you.

I had an odd experience like this about a week ago.

If you don't know, I've been a member of a website called for 4 years, almost 5. Basically it's this awesome website where people can post any type of art. (So long as they created it, or gave credit to who created it.) I love it ridiculously, and it's also the first place I go to find fanart of book series' to drool over. I never, not in 2 bazillion years would have thought I'd find someone I know.. or more accurately, know of, on Deviantart.

It had been a slow day, so I was looking through deviant art for Young Adult Books or something like that. But, this picture showed up. I was intrigued by this "exciting news" and read the artist's note. It basically talks about how the artist had sold the rights to her book, which she'd drawn pictures of on DA previously. She goes on to describe the synopsis, a retelling of the twelve dancing princesses. I was thinking oh hey, that sounds like that one book Entwined by Hea- HOLY CRAP!

Guess what guys? That DA artist was the real Heather Dixon. I promptly tore through her gallery and looked at everything, I especially love her Mary Poppins obsession. It's all so pretty! Seriously, best fanart ever (though my friend brought up the question if it was still fanart or just art since the author had done it.)

Dancing the Entwine by betterthanbunnies (Heather Dixon) on

For some bizarre reason, I thought authors only did author type things and there was no possible way I would ever find them on DA being all artist-like. Though in retrospect, that is a bit of an odd thought since writers have to be very creative people and there are other creative outlets than just writing. Plus, I've seen the fabulous construction paper marvel that is Victoria Schwab's narwhal TARDIS.

Now, if finding one artist/author blew my mind, how do you think I felt seeing TWO of them? Yep, two artist/authors in one day and I was almost certifiable. I kept on talking and freaking out to my friends who thought I was hilarious. Anyway, this second artist was...

MARIE LU! Author of the awesome Legend series, The funniest thing about this was, I'd seen her art before on a DA book fanart group, but I never in 2 million years would have thought she was the one doing them.

LEGEND: Siblings by mree (Marie Lu) on

A few days after this mind boggling two author experience, I found a third one! She was not a member of deviantart, that I am aware of, but Sarah J. Maas (author of Throne of Glass) posted a breath-taking painting of her main character, Celaena by Susan Dennard (author of Something Strange and Deadly)! Seriously guys, are you absorbing the sheer awesome of this? It looks like an honest to goodness old-fashioned painting of a court lady. UGH. My heart is all a flutter.

Celaena by Susan Dennard, found on

After seeing all this wonderful art, I've come up with a fantastic idea, but you'll have to wait until Friday to hear about it, so look for new announcements then.

What do you think about author/artists and the pieces they do? Did you know from the beginning about their love affair with paints, pencils and paper or were you like me? Thinking that the keystrokes on a manuscript were their only artistic expression? Be sure to tell me in the comments!

Happy Reading (and artist stalking),


  1. The Calaena illustration is indeed lovely. Unfortunately it the lovely lady with the flowing golden hair is the same as a well-known illustration by Pre-Raphaelite style artist Emma Florence Harrison, of Rapunzel for William Morris' poem, circa. 1914.

  2. I'm looking at both paintings now. The Rapunzel illustration by Emma Florence Harrison, HERE: and Susan Dennard's Piece HERE:

    I agree that Susan Dennard most likely used the Rapunzel as a model, since the pose, painting style and dress are almost the exact same. However, Susan Dennard's Celaena has shorter hair, a different skin tone and an entirely different background. The face of Celaena is also more detailed than the original painting. I looked up "Emma Florence Harrison Rapunzel" and found only the illustration I just linked to. Given the resolution and quality of the work, I'd say this is a real painting, not a digital manipulation of the original photo.

    You have a really good eye for art! I'd never seen Emma Florence Harrison's pictures before, her paintings are fantastic. Thank you for the comment and concern.

  3. I love the Legend picture. I just got finished reading the trilogy and when I saw the picture I turned to the first book and found that spot in the story. It's so funny because that's exactly how I pictured it!


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