Monday, May 14, 2012

An Explanation on Review Requests

Recently, I've been getting a large number of "spam" review requests where I am unable to tell if they're serious requests or just people blowing smoke up unpleasant places.

If you are a legitimate author, who has contacted me for a review:

I've tried to respond politely to all the requests. If you didn't get a response and your request was a legitimate one, contact me again telling me you aren't a spammer. There were also... maybe one or two authors I wanted to accept, but their emails were accidentally deleted. I can't remember which ones. Warning: lately I haven't been able to take on many new requests due to time restraints on my end. Short of a book I feel like I'll die without, I'm not going to be doing any new review requests for a little while. Feel free to keep requesting me if you like, but I believe you all deserve full-disclosure beforehand.

This is what one of the "spam" review requests look like. I seem to be getting them too often to purely believe it's coincidence. If you know who/what/why etc. they're being sent, please notify me. (There is a possibility they aren't spam, but I get these almost everyday, all in the same format, all books I've never heard of and aren't listed on Goodreads. It makes me suspicious.)

 I've updated my review request page to reflect this new information here.

I greatly appreciate all the respect and kind words every review requester has given me. Thank you all for your patience and understanding.

Happy Reading,

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