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Top Ten Tuesday (36)

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Book Covers I Wish I Could (Re)Design

*This entire post is made in jest, my goal was not to hurt any feelings, if I did, I completely apologize.*

1) The Demon's Lexicon Series by Sarah Rees Brennan- Specifically, The Demon's Covenant is the one I would love to redesign. I mean come on, that blue flame looks a little bit half-assed. Could that model look any more dead? Seriously? I get that she's most likely "possessed" but you can practically see the strings holding up her lifeless body. Do not even get me started on all the laws of gravity that dress is breaking. Oh no ma'am this will not do. Can we pull a better scene from the book or give more effort to the effects please.

2) Hearts at Stake by Alyxandra Harvey- So, this cover will not go down in history as one of the worst. (I save a very select portion of bad e-book covers for that level of hell.) However, this is cover doesn't really communicate the feeling of the book. Ooooh pretty girl laying on a concrete slab? Not the real objective of Hearts at Stake. Perhaps a pretty vial of dark blood on a necklace would be better? Or a token with the Helios Rah symbol on it?

3) All of the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris- I'm sorry, okay. I love the Sookie books and I love True Blood, but I cannot stand the original covers. All of their cartoon-like figures and that awful font, it makes me want to shudder. I'd like the Tv covers, if they didn't seem to be pushing the show more than the actual books. There was also this weird redesign that had like Anna Paquin's face, but a bunch of colors, random objects and bright lights on them which had nothing to do with the series. Please use something more grown up and not television-ized for a design Mr. or Mrs./Ms. Cover designer.

4) Most of the Heartland Books by Lauren Brooke- Do I even need to explain? When I was a kid, these covers were okay. There was Amy! Ty! Lou! And some awesome horses! However, as I'm getting older, I'm seeing a serious redesign in their future. I mean, look at that cover, just look. Amy's staring off into space like whatever as a huge ball of flame is engulfing half her picture and the horse is like "GET ME OFF THIS COVER, I'M GONNA DIE!" Perhaps next time, the covers could be a bit more... individual? Like on Coming Home, have a horse running through a storm. On Out of the Darkness a barn could be on fire. You know, just have one big idea for one book instead of combining all three.

4) The 1-800-Where-R-U books by Meg Cabot- If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times. Cartoony characters do not belong on book covers unless, the book is for children in elementary school or the book actually involves a cartoon or the making of one. I will forever be angry about having to buy the series in those cartoony covers because the better ones weren't available. These covers used to be good. I remember, my library had that kind. I want those back instead.

5) The Kiesha'ra series by Amelia Atwater- Rhodes- My problem here is, good idea with bad execution. I like the fact that they were trying to showcase Danica and Zane, how different they were, and their respective cultures. However, the "shine" on the cover looks like a multi-colored oil was spilled all over Edward Scissor hands, a scary black bird and some lady with a weird expression. I just feel like so much more could have been done with this. Please, someone redesign them better.

6) The T*Witches series by H.B. Gilmour and Randi Reisfeld- No. All I have to say is no. You're given an epic series about kick ass witch twins that have connections to the sun and moon. This is what you do? This? For younger people, maybe it isn't so bad. I'll concede that. Still, there are so many cooler designs that could have happened here. Alex and Cam's amulets interlocking and glowing perhaps? Or maybe there could be a sharing of the cover love? Cam and Alex on one cover, their mentors on another Thantos on the one after that. You know, continuing to show different people in the T*Witches universe? 

7) Entice by Carrie Jones- This is probably the only cover I'd redesign of the series. I like the gold and the girl on the cover, but the sparkle breath? Really? I can't handle that. I haven't seen such a fabulous explosion of breath since Courtney Cox in Zoom. Well, actually I might redesign Need too, those... weeds?... crawling all over the model's neck is weird.

8) All of Melinda Metz's Books- Great series, not so great covers. I only saw one of the original covers for Roswell and the TV ones are pretty cringe worthy. Her fingerprints series isn't too bad, just super shiny. (Plus, they got a bundle and a redesign pretty recently which... is alright, but doesn't really fit the series.) I have no idea what to do about the Roswell covers, alien covers aren't usually my thing. Fingerprints though, I think should have one different fingerprint for each book super imposed. Only the fingerprint shape could be made out of words or lines from the book.

9) The Georgina Kincaid Series- Succubus Blues was okay. All the ones after that were not. It's like the model or at least the photoshopping for the model got more insane with each design. What is going on with her neck here? And that back, it's just not good. Her faces get... more odd as the series goes on. 

10) The Darkest Powers Series- There is almost nothing wrong with this design. It's just... there are so many good scenes to choose from, and you just have a girl holding a necklace on each cover? It's okay, just not as awesome as it could be. I'm not sure how I'd redesign it so that it could still fit with the titles.

11) Every single poorly made e-book cover or book cover so bad it looks like an e-book- Designers. PLEASE. You are so not even trying with those books. Do not lie to me and say you are. E-book authors, it's okay not to be an awesome graphic designer or artist, but for the love of books everywhere, hire an artist, a cheap college student if you must, but do not make a bad design by yourself. DO NOT. (This is not a hatred-filled rant, just an annoyed one. The only thing that should be half-assed is a mule.)

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