Monday, March 12, 2012

Top Six Reasons I haven't Been Blogging Lately

1. Criminology- Before Spring Break, I had criminology as an A-Term class. It was online, and I thought I had time to complete it. Until I realized that I was supposed to have been doing 2 chapters a week instead of 1 and was thus extraordinarily behind. So, instead of updating my blog, I spent the days leading up to my spring break reading two, sometimes three 20 something page chapters a day. It was... not fun to say the least.

2. Spring Break- I actually did something this past spring break! I went to Walt Disney World for three days! My friends and I went to Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM), Epcot and Magic Kingdom. I got pictures with so many princesses, rode a bunch of rides and spent an obscene amount of money. (Sorry books I was supposed to buy.) Even though I was extremely busy, I did get the chance to meet up with another book junkie, tell me if you recognize her.

3. Reading Kyou, Koi Wo Hajimemasu- After the criminology crunch of 2012, I really needed to de-stress. I can always tell when I'm at my most frenzied because I drop whatever I'm doing and start reading manga. One of the many short series' I got into over Spring Break was Kyou, Koi Hajimemasu. It's a very cute shojou manga series with some decent characters. I may post a small review of it later.

4. I haven't been reading- While I did immerse myself in manga books, my real books didn't feel any love over this mini vacation. I'm planning on changing this very soon, like I always do. Over this summer break, I fully intend to outright abuse my reading privileges. I'm already getting my reading itch back.

5. Becoming obsessed with Game of Thrones- I was always interested in Game of Thrones, but didn't really think it was "for me." Then I bought it over the weekend and started to watch it. I saw all of it in two days. That is huge for me. I can't even hold in all my opinions. (DIE LANNISTERS, DIE. Except for Tyrion, because you're pretty awesome imp. Daenerys forever. Starks are awesome. JON SNOW WHY WON'T YOU MARRY ME?)

6. I am a bit lazy- There was content I could have posted through out the week, but I kind of laid there like a bump on a log. I figured if I wasn't going to give blogging my full attention, I wasn't going to post half-a**ed content.

There you have it, the top six reasons you haven't seen me around lately. That will change soon, since I intend to get back to regularly blogging within the week. I just felt like I owed all of you a bit of an explanation with the constant sporadic absences lately. I may be a bit flakey, but I'm not going anywhere. I love it too much to quit.

Happy Reading,

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