Thursday, March 15, 2012

I don't usually do this but...

I'm not generally a person that encourages others to become involved in my personal crusades. I feel that if I believe in and support something, that should be enough for me and I refuse to cram my beliefs down another person's throat. I am a very big believer in letting people decide for themselves what they think and feel instead of forcing them into one certain perspective.

It is with all of this in mind that I humbly ask of you to sign this petition to lower the film Bully's MPAA rating so that it may be shown in schools across the country.

Why the rating? The reason the MPAA gave Bully an R-rating is because students under the age of 17 use coarse language throughout the film.

Director Lee Hirsch refused to bleep or black out any of the swear words in the film. This is presumably because the film is a documentary about real teens and feels that bleeping out words that teenagers say, daily, is pretty pointless.

Why should this matter? Chances are, someone in your life has either been bullied, self-harmed, committed suicide or suffered physical abuse at the hands of a classmate. This is not okay. I remember crying my eyes out the first time someone called me fat in elementary school. I remember constantly feeling alienated, even hated and plain not good enough all throughout middle school. I remember the hopeless depression and anxiety that plauged me during high school. I used to think about killing myself, picking up a knife, taking some pills, doing anything to just stop every thing that I was feeling. I can't imagine going through what I did and having a bully on my back to deal with as well. I most likely would have taken the final step to end my life if I had.

I'm not going to say this movie will fix everything, that all the students who watch it will stop bullying. However, I honestly believe this could be the first step in improving things. Allowing bullies or people who are thinking of becoming bullies see the actual effect they're having on their victims and their families might begin discouraging them from doing hurtful actions. For those who are being bullied, this documentary might give them the slightest bit of hope. It might give them the courage to talk to an adult or someone else about their struggles or allow them to to think for even one minute, that it gets better.

This film needs to be shown in schools. There is no real reason it shouldn't be. Restricting access to this documentary on the basis of coarse language which teens use every single day is ridiculous. In fact, it is beyond ridiculous, it is insulting. Basically informing teens and pre-teens that they're too young to watch a movie about a subject which intimately concerns their lives, and is even affecting them currently is one of the absolute stupidest things I have ever heard.

Please, take a moment to sign this petition. Even if you think that this will never effect you personally. Please, think of all the people it does. They need some form of hope or a wake up call. They need your support. It really could be the difference of life or death for someone. For their sake, please sign.

The Trailer for Bully


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