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Bookish Fan Addictions

Okay, so it is no secret that readers can be a little fanatical in their bookish devotion. One of the downsides of being SO EXCITED or SO INTO a book series is that until a friend reads that series or you find someone else to bond with about it, you're on your own. That can be pretty brutal when all you want is to shout from the roof tops about how much you love your obsession. To combat this solitary feeling, I've developed a couple of coping mechanisms that still display your fandom love without driving anyone crazy.

Create Fan Art

Alright, this one is fairly obvious, but some people think it's restricted to drawing. That is completely not the case. You could make a collage of magazine pictures or photographs or computer images. There's the option of painting traditionally, or using a computer tablet. Your art doesn't even have to be of people, it can be symbols or important inanimate objects. Also, I'd like to say, fan art is not restricted to having any kind of artistic ability. Make what you want, what you see the characters as, and ignore anyone else's negative comments.

Christmas Couples by Schnatz on
Look for Fan Art

Ah, the internet, such a wonderful resource! There's the option of browsing Deviant Art which is your best best for any kind of fan art. Tumblr is good for book quotes and graphics, but it might be harder to find what you're looking for unless it is very specifically worded. You could even make a slideshow, powerpoint or online album about what you find. (As long as you remember to attribute proper credit.) Looking for actors'/actresses' photos that look like the characters can be a fine way to pass the time and a good addition to a fan art collection.

searching Deviant Art for "Maggie Stiefvater" 
*Sometimes it works to put in character names, the author name before series or book names which can be more common when you're searching.*

Make a Pinterest Board

Admittedly, this is not the easiest thing to do. You need an invitation to join/enter the site and it can take a while to receive entry. However, if you already have a Pinterest account, it's very simple to make a board and start pinning things that remind you of a certain book or series. It can be anything, from a certain shade of nail polish, to an actor's photo, or a quote from the book itself.

Look! A pin board about John Green!

Create Character Style with Polyvore

This has become my new obsession! You can make little snapshots of a book character's style using Polyvore. It is time consuming to search for the exact shade or clothing item you want, and it is a little difficult to get a hang of using the site. Once you've done that though, it's a breeze to pick out clothes for characters. I made a collection of Faction Fashion while I was on there!
This is an example of something I made on Polyvore!
Make a Fan Blog/ Tumblr/ Post etc.

If you have a blog, make a post about the book you love, in order to share with others. If you are utterly taken with the book series, make a fan blog or Tumblr where you can consistently talk about it. Or, for the extremely dedicated, make an entire fan website!

Blue Bloods by Melissa De La Cruz has its own fan site! The Blue Bloods Secret.
Reread the Book (or certain parts you loved)

Another obvious quick-fix, but if you really love the book and the characters, it should be no hardship to dive back into their heads! I'm not usually a re-reader, but if I love the book enough, I just have to read it again.

Thank you for listening to these suggestions, I hope they are able to help someone in book withdrawal or a person that just wants to show their fandom love.

Happy Reading,

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