Friday, February 10, 2012

Another Reason John Green is Fantastic

Today, or more accurately, last night John Green created a The Fault in Our Stars ask Tumblr. This is no ordinary fan Tumblr though, this is a Tumblr where you can ask questions about The Fault in Our Stars. You get a direct response from John Green explaining or answering something. It is beyond cool. It's like having your own trip to see Peter Van Houten, except this is infinitely more awesome than that.

There is however... a small catch. One cannot simply enter this Tumblr. (Sorry LotR fans, couldn't resist!) This is a password protected blog, only for the people who've finished the book. John Green has requested that no one who hasn't read TFiOS go on the Tumblr until they're finished reading it, hence the password protection. John Green has also asked that no one hand out this password, make the people work for it.

The password is: The last word at the end of the acknowledgements in TFiOS.

I implore you to please, please, PLEASE wait until you have finished the book before going on the tumblr. Not only does it spoil, well everything, but I feel it takes something essential out of the book. TFiOS has to be experienced alone first. 

Just to give you a preview of something to work for...

I blurred out an actual question to keep you sneaky peekers in suspense until you finish the book. John Green's goodnight note I left clear though. (Click to enlarge, if you wish.) Also, for those of you who doubt that the Tumblr is a bona-fide John Green creation, go here, to his personal Tumblr, to see the announcement.

Happy Reading,

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