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Top Ten Tuesday (25)

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Bookish Resolutions

1. Use the library more effectively- I am a horrible library user. I tend to keep the books, intending to read them, never do and end up getting a late fee on them. I used to say I couldn't be a library user since it was so expensive for me. This year, I'm determined to use it as an effective resource so I don't spend so much money on new book releases.

2. Set aside time for reading.- While I'm not generally a busy person, if I don't set aside time to read, I won't do it. I'll play on my computer, surf the web, fiddle with the blog, watch television and pretty much do anything but read. Isn't that strange for someone who reads so much and collects so many books?

3. Complete my 2012 challenges- It is my first year doing challenges and I am determined to see them through. I love participating in challenges for the thrill of having a task to do and completing it. Plus, it's a great way to network and get to know other readers and bloggers.

4. Complete more reviews- I wrote a total of 56 official reviews and 7 mini manga reviews last year and I want to do more this year. It seems like my reviews shouldn't be less than half of my total posts. (However, I do give myself a pat on the back for only not reviewing 11 of the books I read last year.)

5. Have more author/blogger interaction on My Summer Girl Books- That was my one big regret from last year. I had zero author interaction and only one interview with another blogger. I want to get the word out that My Summer Girl Books is a good review site with good content. Plus, it's always a thrilling experience to get to talk to your idols.

6. Read books that are out of my comfort zone- While I'm a very good book picker for myself, I tend to get pigeonholed into certain generes. I'm pretty much a YA contemporary and YA and Adult paranormal romance reader. I love those types of books, really I do, but I feel like there needs to be more to me than that. Trying out some history, more high fantasy, dystopians, LGBT and other "out of my normal range" books will be good for me.

7. Read the ARCs I get from Netgalley- I request a lot of ARCs from Netgalley. Even though they're only ones that I really, really want to read, the numbers tend to add up. Since they're in ebook format though, and not right in front of my face, I tend to forget I have them and not read them for a really long time. This needs to change. I'm not going to request them, just forget about them.

8. Use my Kindle Fire- I will not have this be like my old kindle where I got it and never used it. I'm going to buy and read books on there. It will save money and space, I just have to remember that.

9. Not stress out about how few books I'm reading- Even though a read a lot of books compared to your average reader, I'm still not satisfied. I always think there are more and better books I could have read. Therefore I kind of start freaking out about how many books I'm not reading or how slowly I'm getting through one book. It bugs me and I'm determined not to let it anymore.

10. Read more- While this may seem like an oxymoron compared to the last resolution, I really feel like I could read more books. I'm always thinking it. When I'm on my computer, watching tv (especially bad tv), hanging out somewhere alone, when I'm at school. I'm determined to make those little moments count and actually pull out a book and read like I want to, in order to use my time more effectively.

Happy Reading,

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