Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year and Happy Blogoversary to Me!



As of midnight, I can officially say I have been blogging for ONE WHOLE YEAR! Can you believe it!? I certainly can't. An entire year of reading, reviewing, posting, writing and researching is gone. I'm still in shock that I've done this. I made a book review blog and I stuck with it for an entire year. Saying that, makes it sound like some long ordeal or journey, but I swear it hasn't been. It feels like I just started a couple of months ago. I'm not even sure if I would have believed I could make it this far a few months ago.

I didn't even realize it until now, but My Summer Girl Books is my baby and I'm fiercely proud of her. All of the blood, sweat and caffeine that went into making this thing happen was completely worth it. I can't begin to describe how wonderful this makes me feel, to be here now. And with all of my followers and readers to boot! Your comments and views make this labor of love just a little bit easier. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am that you even read this blog. Your support means the world to me.

Therefore.... Since all of you have been so good to me, I'm going to return the favor. 

All this week, I'll be posting about my first year of blogging, talking about the changes coming to My Summer Girl Books and hosting one big contest at the end of the week to show my appreciation! Make sure to come back here and check out the amazing prizes I'll be offering!

Happy Reading,

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