Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Results Are (Sort of) In!

Happy New Year Readers!

Some of you might remember that at the beginning of this year, I challenged myself to read 200 books. However, I saw that with my schedule, it was going to be impossible to do. I then (begrudgingly) changed my goal down from 200 to 100.

Even though I ended up not making my reading goal I still did pretty well overall.

Books Read in 2011: 66
Pages Read in 2011: 19,700

For me, this seems shockingly low. I always thought I read so much more. Albeit, this is my first year actually counting/keeping track of everything I've read, so I have nothing to previously compare it to.

I think in 2012, I'm going to challenge myself to read 71 books and see if I can work my way up to 100 in the coming years.

What about all of you readers? Was there a goal you had in mind or just reading one book after the other, with no restrictions? Have you set a new goal for the coming year? I'd love to know!

Happy Reading,

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