Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Manga Week Day Three

Day Three of Merry Manga Week heralds in the lovely...

Kimi Ni Todoke ( From Me to You or Reaching You) by Karuho Shiino

Romance Rating: 3/5
Art Rating: 4/5
Story line: 4/5
Characters: 4/5

This is a very cute shojo manga, it's more real to life, which means no fancy magic or scenes of gore. My one main problem with the series is that the romance takes forever. I read ten or maybe 15 volumes of this series and the characters barely even hugged. I will admit that mangas do not have to be romance heavy, but I think waiting that many novels for a development when both characters obviously like each other is a little bit much. The side characters are full of life and make big impressions in the mangas. They aren't whiney or cruel, most of them are funny or strong or... ambivalent, but all are completely likable. (Even Sawako's rival in love!) The story lines tend towards the dramatic or flat out ridiculous and some of the misunderstandings are painful to see, but for the most part it's an adorable love story. The art is cute and appropriate for the story, but I tend to like the more detailed art.

Some art samples: 

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