Saturday, December 24, 2011

Fan Letter Friday (27)

This is fan letter friday. All the time I see nice, special, kind and good authors on twitter, facebook, their own blog, etc. that I make friends with or follow on accident and I adore them. I like them as more than authors. I like them as people. So, I decided, since I don't have time to review every single book these people have written, I'm going to write to them. I am going to flaunt my love for them all over the internet and hopefully brighten their day. I am going to sound, insane, rambly and possibly like a stalker, but that's just part of the fun right?

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Dear Matsuri Hino, (Creator of MeruPuri, Vampire Knight, Wanted, Captive Hearts and many more.)

MeruPuri is one of my favorite mangas of all time. The art is simply spectacular. I love it so incredibly much. I adore Aram and Airi's love. They're too cute together. Vampire Knight is also a personal favorite, it got too dark for me though. Captive Hearts was a lovely little series too. Wanted was great although I had wished it was a little bit longer.

It might sound a little bit silly, but you nourished my love of fairytales and magical love. You've totally inspired me on many occasions to write little stories of my own about fantastic places, true love and exotic clothes. You also have quite a talent for steamy scenes, there's always some kind of tension in the characters wether it's from love, anger or any other extreme emotion. Your female characters are always strong and your male characters swoon-worthy.

I just wanted to tell you how much you meant to me, as a role model and an artist. I hope you keep on drawing these beautiful pictures and crafting lovely stories for many years to come. I just love your art so, so, so much!


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