Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Big News about Timepiece by Myra McEntire!

This morning I woke up, bumbled around and looked at my phone, to find this massive secret about Timepiece by Myra McEntire was released!

Do you want to know what it was? 

Do you? 


Oh, I am feeling so very conflicted about this. Anyone who has read my book blog knows that I am a huge and vocal supporter/fan of Kaleb Ballard. However, *whiney voice*I really liked Emerson's voice. She was so snarky, kick-ass and just plain cool. I also completely wanted Kaleb to, you know, have a chance with Emerson, but that will probably never ever happen since Emerson is not the type for infidelity. (I think.) It is super exciting to hear that it will be in Kaleb's voice since I love, love, love him and already have a back-up girl picked out for him. (I'm leaning towards Ava, but there's a miniscule chance Lily could snap in there and take him.) This has definitely made me want Timepiece to come out sooner, I have to see how this changes things!

What do you think? Does this news make you all the more excited or skeptical about reading Timepiece?

Comment below to tell me your thoughts!

Happy Reading, 

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  1. I really liked Kaleb from Hourglass, his sarcastic humor, his bad boy look and behavior. And of course the underlying caring loving guy that he showed us he could be with Emerson. So I was pretty excited to learn that not only would we be getting more of him but that this time, the whole book would be told from his POV.
    I know fellow Kaleb lovers will agree with me when I saw that after reading this one, Kaleb was even more irresistible than he was in the first book.
    I will admit, I love Michael but I have a soft spot for the bad boy so even though I knew Emerson needed to be with Michael I was secretly rooting for Kaleb too.


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