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Top Ten Tuesday (20)

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Top Ten Authors I'd Invite to my Thanksgiving Dinner

****This isn't what I'm supposed to be doing this week, but since I really loved the idea of this Top Ten and it was close to Thanksgiving anyway. I thought I would be forgiven for  breaking pattern and posting this instead of the original TTT.****

1. Rachel Hawkins- She makes me laugh, like choke on the piece of turkey leg you're trying to eat because she's telling a twilight joke and it is so damn funny kind of laughing.

2. Stephanie Perkins- Why would I not invite her? I am taking a plane and getting a hotel and staking out RWA  just to meet her next year. Stephanie is amazing and funny, of course I want her there. (Still, I have this horrible fear that when I do meet her, I will just start crying and not be able to speak a word, because I'm so overwhelmed. And then she will kind of not like me since I made a huge scene and caused it to be really awkward.)

3. Kiersten White- You can't invite Stephanie Perkins and not invite Kiersten White. It's like a package deal.  Plus, I would probably hold Kiersten's food ransom until she gave me a list of book recommendations. The woman's taste in books is spectacular.

4. Ilona and Gordon Andrews- Ilona can cook, she's funny, cool and nice (to people who aren't asshats). Gordon, my mom, uncle and Ilona could all talk about and play Skyrim. It also doesn't hurt that Ilona and Gordon are some of my mom's favorite authors, she'd be in heaven with them.

5. Jeaniene Frost- She wrote Cat and Bones and is friends with Gordon and Ilona, 'nuff said.

6. Myra McEntire- Hello, this lady wrote one of my most favorite books ever. Yeah, she's coming to my Thanksgiving feast. I might scare her a little with my amount of questions and constant poking to see if Kaleb just falls out of her pocket or Emerson. Myra also professes to cussing like a sailor when she doesn't edit herself at all and for some reason that reeeeeeeeeeeeeally makes me want to see her in real time, unedited.

7. Tahereh Mafi- It's really not enough that I stalk her twitter and tumblr. I love her writing so, so much. Not to mention, she's completely adorable, sweet and a teensy bit paranoid, so she'd fit right in.

8. Jackson Pearce- She's good at talking, and getting others to talk. She has serious communication skills. Jackson could teach me how to spin a rifle properly, which I would like. She makes me laugh, has beautiful hair, she'd be digging in to all the food with me. I'd love to have her there.

9. Jennifer Lynn Barnes and Ally Carter- You can't invite one without inviting the other, just like Stephanie and Kiersten. I could talk about all my shows and fangirl with them over Vampire Diaries, Wildfire, Friday Night Lights.... the list could go on for a while.

10. Victoria Schwab- She's so adorable all the time! She would decorate with like paper narwhals and hang mini tardis' from the ceiling. She'd even bring cakepops. Simply put, Victoria Schwab is too awesome to not invite.

11. Maggie Stiefvater- 1) I have a feeling she'd like being number eleven on a list of top tens. 2) The woman can cook and I am dying to get recipes from her. 3) I've met her 3 times and been allowed to hang out with her for a little bit, I love being around her. 4) I also love her book rec.s. 5) There is no number five.

Happy Reading,

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  1. Skyrim party with Ilona and Gordon???? I'll even do the dishes!


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