Friday, October 21, 2011

Fan Letter Friday (19)

This is fan letter friday. All the time I see nice, special, kind and good authors on twitter, facebook, their own blog, etc. that I make friends with or follow on accident and I adore them. I like them as more than authors. I like them as people. So, I decided, since I don't have time to review every single book these people have written, I'm going to write to them. I am going to flaunt my love for them all over the internet and hopefully brighten their day. I am going to sound, insane, rambly and possibly like a stalker, but that's just part of the fun right?

Dear Saundra Mitchell,

I am so incredibly excited for The Springsweet. Zora was one of my favorite characters. I was so not okay with what happened to her in the end of The Vespertine. I'm so excited there's going to be another book. I was really happy to hear that Zora has a power too, one that helped people. Plus, the name Springsweet is just... it's like Zora (unless she's changed since the Vespertine). I remember her feeling so refreshing and sweet when I read her. Perhaps there will be an encounter between Zora and Amelia in Springsweet, maybe a kind of closure on their relationship? You know, just mayyyyyyyyyybe.

It must be difficult to write for a specific time period, specifically one that old. How do you make sure you have the right terms, events and social expectations? It probably took a whole bunch of research, but I'm guessing you didn't mind. Or at least didn't mind until the book started eating your brain. (I'm told it happens to all the best authors.)

Which cover of your books do you like the best? I'm going to have to go with Springsweet, with Vespertine as a close second, but of course I haven't seen the Aetherborne or Mistwalker ones yet. They'll probably be even more wonderful.

I hope I get to meet you one day! You're so nice on twitter and your blog. I wish I had more to say, but I'm afraid my word bank is completely spent. I can't wait to write to you again (but it won't be for a while.)

Thank you for reading!


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