Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Where in the World is Davis Morgenstien?

Are you prepared for the future of reading?

(Okay, so it's a lame tagline, but a cool idea.) Michael Grant, author of the Gone series, is participating in a project with a mysterious woman named Amber this winter. This project is going to be a transmedia experience. Basically, that's a fancy term for, a book with an interactive side. There will be a novel, videos, puzzles, and other online adventures.

Here's all I know.... for now.

Meet the society twins, Sophie and Slyvie, who happen to be Davis' sisters. Their dad works at the UN Security Council and their mom is a super genius with a hint of blue blood, sounds like a far from average family right? They're all very worried about Davis and where he could possibly be. I mean he's been missing for a month and hasn't tried to contact any of them. I've known a few inconsiderate guys before, but never ones who wouldn't go an extended period of time without talking to their family.

Go to the society twins website here to find out more about Davis, the twins, and their parents. There's videos and even a couple of blog posts. Who knows? Maybe you have some information to tell them about Davis.

I also got a link to a very... curious website. 

If you clicked on the link to go to Society Twins (which you should if you haven't.) You might have seen or heard about this group called "Nexus Humanus" that wants everyone to take a personality test. Slyvie was less than thrilled, but surely you picked up on Sophie's enthusiasm. Anyway, those "Nexus Humanus" people have a website of their own where they're trying to recruit more followers, or cult supporters. 

They're promising the "next step in human evolution" where there is no conflict and everyone is happy. I'm not quite buying it, but feel free to check it out on your own. World peace and Joy might be corny ideas, but it's always worth a shot. 

So, what do you think about it all? 

Happy Reading, 


  1. Weird yet interesting. I've been invited too and I'm googling like made to see what else I can learn. :)

  2. YAY! Another blogger who was added. So far, you're only the second I've heard of. :) Yes, googling will help.

    So far, I've gathered that Sophie and Sylvie have their own facebooks, the shadow gang has a twitter and a website, and though I couldn't find it Armon Cage (nexus humanus guy from the videos) has his own facebook page.

    Good luck in finding out more!

  3. I got the email too, but my research has creeped me out a bit. Have you joined Nexushumanus? I'm afraid to, because there is nothing stating that these are fictionalized sites and I don't trust it yet...

  4. Yeah, the site is a little odd, but they haven't sent me anything. I got 2 emails from the shadow gang one from a Jennifer, another from an Amber to join the transmedia experience. I guess just praactice caution. If you don't want to join, don't. It does seem sketchy, but I think it's legitimate. If you have questions or concerns you could probably call or e-mail either Michael Grant himself or Harper Teen for some answers on wether this is a real promotion or not. It feels real to me so I'm doing it.


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