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Top Ten Tuesday (8)

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Most Dislikable Characters
(In no particular order)

Disclaimer: By saying I don't like a certain character, I am not saying I dislike the author, their writing or their series. I simply mean that I do not like a character.

1. Leah Cornick from The Alpha and Omega and Mercy Thompson series- I hate that bitch. (No, that isn't a reference to her paranormal features.) I loathe Leah. If I could simply toss her off a cliff and be done with her I would. I'm sure Leah has some redeemable characteristics in her somewhere. However all I've seen is a spoiled, manipulative, hateful, spiteful and all out rude woman. I do not like her. No.

2. Valissa Dragormir from the Vampire Academy Series- Before the pitchforks and torches descend, I'd like to explain. Lissa is not the best friend in the world. In fact, I think she's a little bit selfish. She never noticed in the three books I read when Rose was in pain (emotional or otherwise), when Rose needed her, when Rose had enough, or even when Rose fell in love. Lissa's very caught up in her own drama and it doesn't make her a bad person, just one I can't like as much as I want to.

3. Simon Lewis from The Mortal Instruments Series- Again, this is a very unpopular opinion. Simon, for at least the first two books has no point to me than to be a romantic obstacle. He's cute, but a little pathetic. I will say he gets a firmer point and earns his spot in the TMI gang, but it happened too late for me to really appreciate and like him for it.

4. Aphrodite LaFonte from The House of Night Series- I heard she's gotten better in recent books, but she presented herself as a slut and a rude person for the first 3 books. I say if a character hasn't shown even one redeemable moment within 3 books, it is perfectly okay if you never like them. No matter how good she's gotten, I still think I'm going to dislike her.

5. Ian (never seen his last name) from the Night Huntress Series- Okay, so he doesn't count really. I love to hate him. He's a prick. Ian's a huge, rude, bothersome, annoying prick. I only adore him because he's so funny.

6. Signora Marsallia from The Mercy Thompson Series- Really, why have they not staked her yet? Give me the wood and I'll do it myself. Get rid of her, replace her with Stefan and everything will be fine. She's evil, manipulative and will do everything in her power to destroy the pack. There is no effing reason to keep her around.

7. Anita Blake from The Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series- I need to explain. I like Anita as a kick butt vampire slayer. I cannot stand her as a narrator. I don't know why or when it happened but I got fed up with her phrases and bad decisions. I want to like her. I want to finish reading the series. However I can't make myself listen to her voice in my head.

I'm sure there are others that I'm forgetting, but that's all I can think of. I also probably had more fun with this list than I should have, however sometimes you need to vent!

Happy Reading,

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