Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I believe this is what they call a clue....

Hey everyone,

Here is a small update on the Davis Morgenstien case.

I've friended Sylvie, Sophie and joined Nexus Humanus on facebook. With a little digging and clues from other bloggers, I found out The Shadow Gang has a website and a twitter. I had to input my e-mail to get a key code to even enter the site, but what I found was even more of a mystery.

Supposedly there are 5 other dirty napkins hidden somewhere. I have to find all of them and send them back to Mr. Hatchet for my "just reward." Think anyone can help me look for them?

Even more weird (and this is getting pretty strange), the mysterious Mr. Hatchet himself e-mailed me this article. He told me Sophie and Sylvie might be interested in it. I put it on both of their facebooks and am still awaiting a reply. I'll be sure to tell you what they say. But in the mean time, I have to ask, do any of you know about McLure Industries or its employees?

Keep checking The Society Twins for updates on Davis. Also, don't forget to keep and eye on Nexus Humanus, there's only 20 more days until their big, secret, project comes to life. If you're feeling brave, or maybe just reckless, there's always a mystery worth solving at The Shadow Gang.

Happy Reading and Good Mystery Hunting,


  1. Have you found the napkins, because I've looked everywhere and still 'cant find them. Can you help me?

  2. I haven't found any of them either unfortunately! However, on the Nexus Humanus Group on facebook, I believe they've found some, if not all of them.


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