Friday, August 19, 2011

Fan Letter Friday (13)

This is fan letter friday. All the time I see nice, special, kind and good authors on twitter, facebook, their own blog, etc. that I make friends with or follow on accident and I adore them. I like them as more than authors. I like them as people. So, I decided, since I don't have time to review every single book these people have written, I'm going to write to them. I am going to flaunt my love for them all over the internet and hopefully brighten their day. I am going to sound, insane, rambly and possibly like a stalker, but that's just part of the fun right?

Dear Meg Cabot (Author of Abandon, Jinx, The Princess Diaries and many more!),

I know you're probably very busy being a super author and working on more books, but I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how awesome you are. When I was younger I lived on the Jess Mastrani books and I couldn't enough of the Mediator series. Jesse Rose, Rhys, Rob from the Mastrani books and Jesse from the Mediator were my first literary crushes. Suze and Jesse were these amazingly strong kick butt girls that I wanted to have as my role models. For maybe 2 years after I finished the 4th Mastrani book, I didn't know there was a 5th. The second I saw it in stores I grabbed it and devoured it in one sitting.

You've only gotten better with time. I read the first book of All American Girl, a few of the Princess Diaries books, Avalon High, Jinx and Abandon. Sometimes it's hard to believe how many books you've written! You're like a mini printing machine. I've pretty much looked up to you my entire life and loved almost every one of your books I've ever read.

I was so, so excited the first two times I got to meet you. It was like a dream. I know I couldn't accurately express how much I've idolized you either time but I figured I should keep it short and sweet with so many people waiting. So, I'm making up for it with this short note. (I figured the shorter I made it, the easier it would be to get you back to work.)

I leave you with this awesome picture of Persephone and Hades by Cris Ortega (Link to his website here.) AKA Dark-Spider on Deviantart.

Artwork by Chris Ortega, Dark-spider on deviantart


For Those interested:

Meg Cabot's Twitter, Facebook and Website

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