Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Bad Day in London

The Good News: Davis Morgenstein has been found!

The Bad News: Davis Morgenstein committed suicide this past Sunday.

I never got to know Davis, so I'm not going to embroider my blog with false sympathy and care. My heart goes out to the surviving members of the Morgenstein family, but that is all. Davis seemed nice and obviously meant the world to his family and that is all I know about him.

Frankly, I won't be convinced Davis is dead until the body is shoved under my nose. (It's like the movie villain rule, they're not dead until you see the corpse. Even then you should burn the body and wait around a few days to see if anything rises.)

Facebook fans are demanding an autopsy for Davis. It's not a bad idea. The Morgenstein's won't be happy with the idea since it is a supposed suicide, but I have my own theories.

Warning: the crackpot theorist side of my brain will now take over this post. Did any of my wonderful followers go to the gobzrk website? Using your stellar powers of observation, I'm sure you saw the logo. Here's a picture of it if you didn't.

Edit: The GoBZRK website is malfunctioning. I can't get to the main page to show you the picture. You'll simply have to live with my description, or the reliability of your memory. The wiki portion is still live, but all other links are down.

In the picture there is a ginormous arachnid-looking creature burrowing it's way into a man's skull! I've said I don't know Davis, and I don't. However he hardly seems like the type to either a) run off for a couple of months or b) commit suicide. His life was happy and from what I've seen, he was enjoying it immensely. So, I am, right here, right now proposing the idea that Davis' body wasn't under his own control. I am certain that those arachnids are part of the Nexus Humanus movement in some way. In fact, I'd go so far as to say Nexus is infecting their followers with those insects to achieve some (probably world destroying) goal. Now this is the most crazy part, but maybe Davis realized it. Maybe Davis put together the entire scheme in his head, maybe he was working for the shadow gang to stop it. Maybe Davis killed that employee because he knew something. Possibly the bug made Davis kill himself to regain control.  I don't know.

I apologize greatly for any upset the Morgenstein family might suffer should they see and read this blog post. I'm not insensitive, just inquisitive and I'm sorry for the grief it causes your family but I want to know what's happening, especially if it could happen to me.

Happy Reading,

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