Thursday, July 28, 2011

Squeeeeee, Squeeeee, Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I just saw the final cover for Fair Game by Patricia Briggs (Alpha and Omega #3). I screamed. I love, love, love, love (1,000x love) Dan Dos Santos artwork. He is the most wonderful painter. Everything he makes is beautiful. I cannot get enough of his art.

Please, please please go to to see the big, beautiful, high quality image.

 The beautiful reds, Anna's gorgeous hair, the yellow leaves, the earrings Charles in wolf form. I am hyperventilating and fangirling over a book cover. Granted, it is one of the most beautiful ones I've ever seen. Still it is a little odd for a grown woman to react this way.

This book, this book, I have been waiting for Fair Game since I was a senior in high school (I'm a sophomore in college now.) I adore Anna and I have a huge thing for Charles. Plus, Bran, one of my loves, tends to be in this series more than Mercy's. I am so excited, but February 2012 is unbearably far from now. I'm just going to be quivering in anticipation for the next 6-7 months, you know, no big. I WANT IT NOW. Why, must patience be a virtue? I guess I'll have to content myself with this bare bones summary...

When the FBI request a pack consultant on a serial killer case they're following in Boston, Anna and Charles are sent in. They quickly realize that not only the last two victims were werewolves – all of them were.

Someone is targeting their kind. And if Charles and Anna can't get to the bottom of this mystery, they may be next...

There's only so many times I can say want, want, gimmie, gimmie right?

Happy Reading, 

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