Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fan Letter Friday (5) Double Edition!

This is fan letter friday. All the time I see nice, special, kind and good authors on twitter, facebook, their own blog, etc. that I make friends with or follow on accident and I adore them. I like them as more than authors. I like them as people. So, I decided, since I don't have time to review every single book these people have written, I'm going to write to them. I am going to flaunt my love for them all over the internet and hopefully brighten their day. I am going to sound, insane, rambly and possibly like a stalker, but that's just part of the fun right?
Dear Myra McEntire, (Author of Hourglass)

I am freaking dying waiting for your next book. Hourglass was so, so good! I read it all in one day. I just couldn't put it down.

Unfortunately, I don't know you very well through your blog or twitter. (I just started following them.) So, I can't really do this letter properly. I tend to talk about more than just "zomg I love you book." While I do love telling people how much I adored their book, I like to talk about more than just that.I have to pretend like I have some level of intelligence.

You seem very nice though, and very pretty from your author picture. That didn't sound creepy did it? Your blog posts are really awesome though, if this picture is any indication. I cracked up horribly when I first saw it.

Kaleb. OH YES. I love Kaleb with the unholy passion only a crazed fan girl can provide. Please write more of him. He is wonderful. There are many other characters I have crazy obsessions with now, but I'll wait to wax poetic about them until my book review. Kaleb was just, I had to mention him because he is so awesome.

Now, since I have nothing really more to say until I get to know you better, I'll leave off here. I hope we can become at least internet friends. (But it's totally fine if you don't want to, I won't be offended). I can't wait to learn more about you. Okay, that definitely sounded creepy, I need to stop talking.

So I leave you, Mrs. McEntire with these lolz.

Psssssst it is if Myra McEntire writes it.


For those Interested:

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