Friday, June 3, 2011

Fan Letter Friday (2)

This is fan letter friday. All the time I see nice, special, kind and good authors on twitter, facebook, their own blog, etc. that I make friends with or follow on accident and I adore them. I like them as more than authors. I like them as people. So, I decided, since I don't have time to review every single book these people have written, I'm going to write to them. I am going to flaunt my love for them all over the internet and hopefully brighten their day. I am going to sound, insane, rambly and possibly like a stalker, but that's just part of the fun right?

Dear Ally Carter, (Author of the Gallagher Girls series, Heist Society and it's sequel Uncommon Criminals)

You're awesome, you're amazing, you make me want to be you. I can't get over the epicness of Heist Society. I love it to a degree that is probably disturbing to most people. Every time I read about Kat and Hale I do this sort of spastic chicken dance squealing and smiling thing for almost the whole day. (I know it doesn't make me sound very intelligent, but I am, I swear.) I think I'm going to run down my mail man on June 21st to get Uncommon Criminals as soon as humanly possible.

While I've seen (from twitter) you are very frustrated with GG titles right now. I did want you to know I think they're great. They're cute and flirty but still very spy-like. :) Sadly though, I've only had time to read GG1 so far, but I bought the others to read them whenever I get free time.

I really wanted to tell you that I love your stories/plots. Girl spies are pretty few and far between, especially in the YA genre. Thank you for trusting your readers to be mature enough to handle issues like national security. Thanks for letting the novels be fun and a little more girly than normal spy stories probably are. Also, teen thieves stealing expensive items and having lots of witty banter? I can't even begin to tell you how perfect that book is.

Your tv watching is also awesome! I LOVE Vampire Diaries and I might start watching Friday Night Lights because it sounds so great.  (Do you watch True Blood? I can't remember, I know someone on my twitter does. I love that show too and am seriously excited for Chloe King and Secret Circle.)

Thanks for reading, but if you're too busy with deadlines to read this, I understand.


P.S. I love your friendship with Jennifer Lynn Barnes, watching you two talk to each other brightens my day. (Sorry that sounded super creepy and stalkerish.)

For those interested:

Ally Carter's Website/ Blog:
Twitter: @OfficiallyAlly

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