Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mundie Moms likes me! They really like me!

Well, they like my photo manipulation. ;) I'm a member of deviantart and I used to post very, very rough totally amateur photo manipulations of my favorite book characters. I don't do it anymore since they were so bad and it was increasingly hard to find free, you can't go to jail/get sued if you post this picture, images. (These days I just post art I've colored with my tablet.) But anyway, I post under a really old screen name I had from 6th or 7th grade till a year ago, amdonandsakura16. Being the utterly vain and paranoid creature that I am, I googled my previous screen name to see if there were any old or embarrassing accounts I needed to delete and to see how many hits I got.

Imagine my utter shock when I saw this:

Mundie Moms featured me on their weekly "Mundane Monday" not once, but TWICE (or maybe they posted the excerpt twice, that's much more likely lol). My old scraggly Jace and Clary wallpaper that I made all the way back in 2008 that is ironically my most popular deviation ever. My jaw dropped, I can not believe I was featured on a popular website and I didn't even know about it! I think I've been shocked silly. I'm on the internet a lot, with many different accounts and screen names etc. that I can't keep up with. So having the account that I feel like no one pays attention to on deviantart being recognized on a really amazing book blog that I have a sort of crush on is mind boggling. I never thought this blog would overlap with any of my other internet shenanigans, but it did and I am so proud. :)

...but now I feel kind of obligated to clean up the picture and make it better....and re-read/ read more Mortal Instruments... (I've read the CoB, CoA, and CoG, but I haven't read Clockwork Angel yet) Anyway...

Thank you Mundie Moms for featuring me twice! I feel very honored. Can't wait for CoFA, hope you all have a great time reading it. I hope I get to meet you all somewhere, someday. :)

lyrics in wallpaper (c) Vanessa Carlton's God Knows Even Angels Fall [ignore the fanvideo if you don't like the people, only one I could find.] (yes, I got some of the lyrics wrong, I know.)

The Mortal Instruments Series (c) Cassandra Clare

Happy Reading,

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