Friday, February 4, 2011

Surprises Under the Covers

So, I feel like a little kid who is the last one to be let in on an amazing secret. Today, I got my copy of Delirium by Lauren Oliver, which I am insanely excited to read. But, because of shipping I had to adjust the outside cover and boy was I surprised to find this GORGEOUS picture under the paper cover.

Delirium Paper Cover
Delirium Hard Cover under

Naturally, I got curious about which of my other books were harboring secrets underneath them and look at what I found!

Hidden under the paper cover for Fragile Eternity
The House of Night books had posters under them!

Posters! POSTERS! people

Posters and pictures weren't the only things I found. I got foil titles too!

Feathers and swirls!
Prettier than the real cover, in my opinion.

I am Number Four likes patterns.
Ooooh! Reverse foil!

All the Hunger Games Books have birds.
Looks like blood spatter

And Last but not least, came the embossed books. (Which are a little hard to see unless the book is in front of you.)

Snake eating itself (The Eternal Ones)
Shiver Had a little heart-shaped leaf

Pretty Linger leaf
Stolen had a little corner moth

And last, but not least....

Firelight had its title in pretty script

Now, I have to ask, was there ever a time a book surprised you by being more than what it appeared?

Happy Reading,

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