Sunday, January 2, 2011

Returning, Reinventing and Rereleasing

Hey everyone! I'm back to blogger. Wordpress and I were having some major formatting issues and needed to break up for the health of my computer. For those who followed me form wordpress, welcome to blogger and those who stayed with blogger, nice to see you again. ;)

Now I'm going to get down to business. Since looking at some other review blogs, (mainly The Story Siren and Bloody Book-a-holic) I've gotten some ideas on how to format new posts and the blog. I'll be experimenting for a little while, so don't be surprised if things change a bit in the next few weeks. My previous reviews will be posted on the blog too so that I can shut off the wordpress account completely.

The blog is not officially up yet, but I'll be posting new reviews soon. Namely, reviews for Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins, Secret Life of a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks, Branded as Trouble and All Jacked Up by Lorelei James. Stick around to see the awesome changes happening here!

Happy Reading,
-My Summer Girl

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