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The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller

The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller
Have you ever gotten the sense that you are not where you belong? This feeling has plagued Haven Moore of Snope City, Tennessee her entire life. Contained by a bible-thumping grandmother and a self-righteous priest and weak mother, Haven Moore has always known her and her best friend Beau were destined for more. Haven is convinced her form of salvation will come in escaping to New York for college, until her visions come back....

For as long as Haven can remember she's had visions of a man named Ethan from "back when she was big" and named Constance Whitman. As events unravel Haven becomes more and more certain that she had a past life as a girl named Constance with a lover named Ethan Evans who died together in a fire. As soon as Haven lays her eyes on the mysterious, wealthy (and suspected for murder) Iain Morrow she is absolutely certain he is Ethan reincarnated and must find him for Constance's sake. Unable to remember her whole past life and uncertain of her future should Haven follow her heart in New York or strike up a deal with the devil himself?

The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller is one of the best YA books I've read in a long time. Full of romance, intrigue, double crossing, second guessing and secret societies, it's sure to keep just about any teen or adult interested. The start is kind of slow, preferring to highlight the difficulties of Haven's life in a close-minded, bible-beating city instead of speeding along the plot to New York. I admit that most of it was essentially character building and getting to know Haven and Beau before they went on this amazing journey, however I could have used a little less preachy sermon paragraphs.

In contrast, when the book really begins moving, it speeds through Haven and Iain's meeting and then settles down to a consistent pace for the rest of the book. At first everything feels too fast, too soon with too much emotion but once you get into the real rhythm of Haven and Iain's relationship, it calms down. The only major problems I had with this book was the slow start, figuring out the evil-doer before Haven did and the constant back and forth she had with herself.  One second she trusted Iain with all of her heart and a crow bar couldn't pry them apart, but the next she would doubt their entire relationship and call him a filthy liar. Admittedly, certain actions on everyone's part keep her in this wishy, washy state, but I'm a fan of stand by your man. I think for me, the indecision weakened her stance as a take charge, confident heroine, but it didn't impact it too much. What was really frustrating was screaming at the book who the bad guy was and Haven not hearing me. (but I think that's a personal issue ;) )

I do have to say, I love Iain. His unwavering faith that he and Haven should be together is downright heart warming. The kind of unconditional love everyone is jealous of. And, I love Beau. :) I would like to personally thank Kirsten Miller for creating almost the only confident, tough, non-flamer gay teen character in a YA book. He's smart, he's funny and he will totally kick your ass if called for. A pretty good role model for gay teens if I do say do myself. (Not that I encourage violence of any kind.) But yes, he is awesome. There are a lot of other side characters to equally hate and love too. There's probably at least one character everyone can relate to in this story. Which kind of lends to it being a universal book that many people will be able to love.
After the way the book ended though, I'm not sure I want a sequel. It ended so well! But I would be more than willing to pick up a book about Ethan and Constance. *hint, hint, wink, wink* Read The Eternal Ones and love it! And check out the kick butt Ouroboros Society webpage. (And the book site where you can read Ethan and Constance's Love Letters.)

All in all, fantastic book, you're missing out if you don't read it so go buy it now. :) That means NOW.

Teaser lines: "I never thought we could get here."
"And I had Faith that we would."

Happy reading,
-My Summer Girl

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